About BUIC

Pakistan Navy established Bahria Institute at Islamabad and Karachi in the late eighties. These Institutes were aimed at providing quality and uninterrupted education up to Intermediate level, to the children of naval personnel on their transfer from one station to another and in turn to contribute to the cause of promotion of education at the national level. Over the years these Institutes grew in size and facilities, leading to the starting of BBA and B.Sc(CS) classes in 1995.

These programs have since been upgraded to BBA (Hons), BCS (Hons) and MBA, MCS Programs which were introduced in Fall 1997 as ‘evening programs’ run under the management of two independent ‘Institutes’ one each at Karachi and Islamabad respectively. The institutes are known as “Bahria Institute of Management and Computer Science” short title “BIM&CS” suffixed with the location i.e. Karachi or Islamabad.

Bahria University, though very young, has the will and determination to develop and attain the objectives set forth below:

  • Establish Campuses, Research Institutes, Schools and Colleges across the length and breadth of Pakistan to turn population explosion into knowledge based force.
  • Prepare the younger generation to become future leaders and managers for a prosperous and educated Pakistan, through development of their mental, moral and professional strengths.
  • Ensure academic excellence through quality education in disciplined and peaceful learning environments.
  • Constantly monitor and upgrade facilities and update the curricula to keep pace with the emerging trends and technologies.
  • Coordinate and provide facilities for exchange of knowledge and applied research in the newly emerging fields in collaboration with national and international Universities and research institutes.