Head of Department

Engr. Dr. Shehzad Khalid

Dept. of CE, Bahria University
Shangrila Road, E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Tel. 0092-51-9261281
Email: shehzad_khalid@hotmail.com / shehzad@bahria.edu.pk


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  • Naftel and S. Khalid, “Indexing and Retrieval of Video Clips via Object Motion Trajectory Descriptors”, Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing, 452-141, Sep 6-8, 2004, Marbella, Spain. --- Visit Page

  • S. Khalid and A. Naftel, “Evaluation of Matching Metrics for Trajectories-based Indexing and Retrieval of Video Clips”, IEEE workshop on Applications of Computer Vision, Jan 5-7 2005, Colorado, U.S.A. --- Visit Page