Lab Facilities

Computer Labs
The elaborate computer facilities at the main and other campuses of the University offer extensive usage hours and state-of-the-art hardware and variety of softwares to make computing real learning experience. The facilities comprise networked PCs (Pentium IV) linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services. The open access policy to the Internet at every campus is a part of an extensive, “Broadband” information network connecting faculties and campuses. All campuses have their own server rooms with intranet and Internet facilities.

At Bahria University the systems applied in the organization of libraries make access to information quick and simple. Supplied with the latest books, periodicals, magazines and journals, the departmental/seminar libraries at different institutes and colleges provide the students with a comprehensive collection of books in the particular areas of studies. The Bahria library is a grand collection of thousands of books, including valuable manuscripts, from all over the world. The library is amongst the best libraries of Pakistan, provided with a scholar’s house for the residence of research scholars.

Audio and Visual Facilities
The aim being to make the teaching-learning process effective and better, the courses at Bahria University are designed to be conducted with the aid of the latest audio-visual facilities, including over-head projectors, video films, multimedia, software programs and models etc. which are provided as a necessary part in the beautifully designed classrooms and laboratories.

Health & Security
A well equipped dispensaries are available for emergency requirements of both students and teachers. Bahria makes sure that students are well taken care of in case of need. Ambulance, and security mechanisms are kept alert to deal with and avoid possible emergencies. A hygienic environment is on the other hand, maintained through an effective system, which, as a part of its functions, monitors the general condition of cleanliness and standard of the food supplied at different cafeterias.