Management Sciences

Focusing upon students as future leaders of the world of business and society at large, Bahria University Management Sciences Department is striving to provide rigorous curriculum which aims not only at the academic development of students but at building their skills and character. The variant subjects, aligned with HEC scheme of studies, are taught with innovation while considering their practical applications in the local and international business scenarios.

Bahria University Management Sciences Department provides a distinctive community of students, scholars and intellectuals as it offers an array of degrees ranging from MBA to PhD program. Apart from that, Bahria University is a place with countless opportunities; the teaching faculty , adept with all the latest trends and skills of teaching, the purpose built campus with state of the art facilities and above all its setting , make learning a unique experience for the students and help them grow both personally and intellectually.

Our plans for the forthcoming years are to further establish the alumni network and strengthen the industrial linkages so as to not only cater for the demands of the modern corporate world but to place the Bahria University students in leading business organizations. We have also undertaken to revitalize our research cell and research activities by providing students, at the undergraduate and graduate level, with proposals and ideas for research, access to research data and trainings and guidance for new concepts and theories in the field of business research.